Your security is our first priority.
It’s our promise to you.

We know security matters to you the most. This is why Planto is built
on bank level security and conducts regular 3rd party security audits.
We want everyone to use Planto without any concerns and with a peace of mind.

Supported by Reputable Institutions

Built on 3 Core Principles

Your usernames and passwords will NEVER be accessible to anyone.
It is ONLY stored on your device and will NEVER be stored on the server, cloud or anywhere else.
We use bank level security (AES -256) for encryption.
This means it takes even the fastest computer more than a million years to hack the system.
Your financial data is anonymous and captured via a robot through screen scraping.
It is only stored on Google’s cloud secured by Google’s security policies. This means the strictest access controls for your data.

Following Strict Policies

Regular Audits
Planto has been audited and verified by leading security audit firm Nexusguard Consulting Limited. We will continue to do so every 6 months to ensure we are up to the best global standards. Read more about it here
Cyber Insurance
We are insured by Lloyd’s of London’s Beazley Underwriting Division. Beazley is an insurance specialist that helps companies around the world with Cyber Risk protection. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
No Data Selling
We will NEVER sell or share your data without your consent. Our technologies are all built internally with NO 3rd party involvement to ensure your utmost protection.
How Planto makes money
We are able to sustain our business through the support of institutional and angel investors who believe in our mission. We keep our costs low as all our technologies are built in-house. Planto strongly values transparency and the trust built with you and will keep you updated with our business models.

Making your finances easier

The Planto mobile app is available on both iOS and Android - so take the first step towards achieving your life goals.

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