[Last Minute Deals] Tips to avoid over-spending in the holidays
[Last Minute Deals] Tips to avoid over-spending in the holidays
Saving Tips

December 19 • 3 min read

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The annual Christmas-followed-by-New-Year holidays could be very costly if you indulge yourself in the festive joy, and guess what, entering 2019 with a deficit (or worse, a debt), is definitely not a good way for you to start a new year. Here are some top tips to enjoy the holidays with a low budget, because in the end, the most important thing is to spend it with someone you love, right?

#1 Last minute deals on travel websites
Spending the holidays overseas would always be a nice way to celebrate the new year. Look for some last-minute deals and you might be surprised! Consider somewhere low season in the winter, maybe a Mediterranean or Okinawan Christmas. It would be the best to find flight-hotel packages and make sure you are getting the best price for both.

Some sites that would be helpful when you look for last minute deals are , and .

#2 Glamping under the stars
If a luxurious trip is too much for you, why don’t you stay in Hong Kong and go on a luxurious GLAMPING? Summon your squad because booking a hostel from will only cost you a few hundred bucks. Just remember to book earlier for popular dates. You can also check out some private campsites, like the , and .

#3 Potluck to bring good luck
Potluck might be new to Hongkongers but it is a great way to learn about each other’s culture (and secret recipes) – we all know that each family has that one home-made dish that everyone cannot forget. Holding a potluck party means everyone would have to bring one dish to the party and share. Not only does that save time for the party host but it would also be paying a heart-warming respect to the tradition of sharing in Christmas. So get ready to bring out your best cooking game!

Is your flat too cramped to hold all your friends? Consider booking a party room. You can find party room rental information from and .

#4 Spend smart with discount apps
Impulse spending is a thing – we totally get it. Take a look at these discount apps to help you spend smart while you are out with your friends and family:

  • : A restaurant reservation and discounts app from Thailand, available in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Pattaya, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, offering up to 50% off discounts.
  • : A popular discounts app from Dubai. Members can have buy-one-get-one-free discounts from a wide variety of restaurants, bars and spas. Although you have to pay a membership fee, it’s just $288 for both 2018 and 2019 membership.
  • : This restaurant reservation app targeted middle to high class restaurants, making it easy for users to find fine dining discounts. Sometimes they will even launch a special menu with restaurants!
  • : Real-time reservation for bars, restaurants, hotels, spas and recreational activities. There are also a lot of “late bird” discounts for us not-as-early-as-other birds.
  • : Missing booze for your party? Check out this start-up app that can get you wonderful deals up to 50% off. Make sure you order 3-5 days before the party.

After a festive splurge, it’s time to get ready for your New Year Resolution because, this year, you’re going to make it. Try out if you have a particular saving goal in mind. The app can help you to track and categorize your expenses as well as keep you on track of your 2019 saving plan!

Warm reminder: Special traffic arrangement and weather during Christmas’ Eve and New Year’s Eve.
On 24 Dec and 31 Dec, MTR will offer an extra 803 trains trips and overnight services to ensure you can party all night. This Christmas would be the warmest since 1991, reaching up to 23 degrees but it will start turning colder soon after so you might need to add a jacket after New Year’s Eve.

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