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    How to learn more with less money?

    How to learn more with less money?

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    Last updated: Feb 1, 2019•  5 min read

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    How to learn more with less money?

    Traditional higher education does not come cheap. Luckily, with advanced technology and more companies supporting affordable education, you no longer need to pay for an expensive degree to get what you need to stand out. Here are ways in which you can acquire new skills without worrying about your bank account. Be sure to share with your family and friends as well!

    Free online courses

    There are many online courses that are free and taught by instructors from reputable universities like Harvard and MIT. Sites like Open Universities, Alison and Edx allow you to take unlimited free online courses with a wide variety of topics, from Thinking & Acting like an Entrepreneur to The Divine Comedy: Dante's Journey to Freedom. If you wish to go further, you can also pay to apply for a professional certificate for around HKD 300 to get your studies recognized. Although these websites might not be able to provide comprehensive and in-depth knowledge on a particular subject, you can still understand more about a new topic and expand your own “database”.

    Online course discounts

    Advanced courses could cost you thousands of dollars. However, before you swipe your card, you can pay attention to the discounts offered by providers. For example, Udemy provides a lot of discounts from time to time, sometimes up to 90% off!

    These advanced courses can help you acquire new skills from scratch. For example, you can get a professional degree for Mandarin for around HKD 3,500 from Mandarin X. According to a LinkedIn research, the most-wanted skills in 2019 included Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Analytical Reasoning, People Management and UX Design, consider taking courses in these subjects if you are thinking of other job opportunities!

    Cheap educational events

    Beside long term courses, there are also a number of educational events in Hong Kong that are cheap and sometimes free. If you are sick of wandering aimlessly in a crowded mall during the weekends, you can check out websites like Eventbrite and Timeout to spend a meaningful and educational weekend joining activities ranging from music and culture to tech and finance.

    If you are tech-savvy, take a look at the Google Developer Group. They offer low cost workshops and events for those interested in Google technologies, web development skills, and Internet applications.

    CEF Enhancement measures

    Besides paying for courses entirely on your own, you can also apply for the CEF ( Continuing Education Fund) to get a subsidy from the government. In April 2019, a series of CEF enhancement measures will be launched, allowing applicants to claim up to HKD 20,000 for registered courses. Click here to learn more.

    With the help of technology, there are many ways for us to learn. Start learning something new today to upskill yourself!

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