#Tags: A new way to create your own categories
#Tags: A new way to create your own categories
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December 21 • 2 min read

Being able to add your own categories has been a popular request from the Planto community.

We've now introduced #tags.

While not exactly custom categories, they offer a lot more flexibility and are quick to get started with – helping you analyze, search and better organize your expenses.

How do I use them? 🧐

  1. Go to the Monitor tab and tap the transaction you want to assign a tag to.
  2. Input one or more #[your assigned tag name] in the note section (you can always edit it later).
  3. Go to By Category under the Monitor tab and scroll down to see all the tags you've created. Click on each tag to see the breakdown and analytics!
  4. Input any tags in the Search Transactions bar to see all related transactions.



How to make the most out of them 💡

You can associate tags with:

  1. A person or a group of friends
    E.g: #Bob, #Mum, #CollegeChums

  2. A festival or event
    E.g. #Christmas, #AnnualDinner, #CNY

  3. A subcategory of an existing category
    E.g. Under Business category, you could create tags such as #ClientLunch, #Taxi, #OfficeXmasDecorations

  4. An emoji to show how you were feeling when the transaction was made
    E.g. #😍 #😜 #😭

  5. A source of 💰inflow
    E.g. #Dividends, #MarkSix7thPrize, #BobInterestIncome

… or anything else that comes to mind – you can be as creative as you want with #tags!

We'd love your feedback

Give #tags a try and let us know what you think and how you’re using it by contacting us through Live Chat or email at .

We're just getting started so we need your feedback to improve and help you manage your finances better! 🤗


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