[Investing For Beginners] Monthly Stocks Savings Plans
[Investing For Beginners] Monthly Stocks Savings Plans
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Monthly Stocks Savings Plans

July 15 • 2 min read

Investing can be daunting and overwhelming to some, especially in Hong Kong where you need to invest in a minimum lot size for many stocks.

This can all be overcome with the right tools such as monthly stocks savings plans.

The plan requires an investor to contribute a fixed amount of money (e.g. HK$3,000) on a monthly basis to invest in the stock of their choice with no restrictions on the minimum number of shares. When the price per share is low you buy more, when it’s high you buy less.

How to Start a Plan?

All you need to do is:

  1. Pick a broker or a bank
  2. Choose the stock or stocks you want to invest in
  3. Set a monthly fixed amount you want to contribute to the plan

The Benefits

One major benefit is the flexibility of buying any stock without worrying about the lot size. It also leverages on the “Dollar Cost Averaging” investment strategy which:

  • Reduces the impact of volatility by spreading out your stock or fund purchases so you’re not buying shares at a high point
  • Forces you to save on a monthly basis
  • Takes the emotion and time out of investing as you do not need to monitor the market

Monthly Stocks Plan In Action:

Bob Invests in Stock A for HK$10,000/ month

Things to note:

Before you start your monthly stocks savings plan, it is important to be aware that you:

  • Have enough liquid savings (at least 3 months) at all times. You can get a clearer view on Planto by linking your savings!
  • Don’t pick a stock that is too volatile, ideally it should be blue-chip stocks, ETFs, etc
  • Choose stocks that you feel comfortable investing in the long run
  • Be mindful of the fees and charges when looking for providers as there are wide variations in the ways they price their services
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