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    Longbridge app & social feature review | Enjoy free welcome offers!

    Longbridge app & social feature review | Enjoy free welcome offers!

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    Last updated: Feb 15, 2022•  3 min read

    語言: 廣東話

    Table of ContentsTable of Contents

    There are many online and mobile securities brokerages in Hong Kong. However, market information is still fragmented and retail investors often have limited access to professional analyses and investment knowledge.

    In this article, we will be taking a close look at the new “social” investment service launch by Longbridge. With Longbridge, users can interact with other investors/experts on the platform, read in-depth content or watch live broadcasts – the experience itself is like going through investment pages or groups on social media.

    Learn more about account opening process, features and welcome rewards together with us in this article!

    Longbridge X Planto account opening welcome rewards*

    Users who have successfully opened an account using Planto’s exclusive link and fulfilled specific requirements can enjoy attractive welcome offers including a free stock simply by opening an account – the process is fast and simple!

    Breakdown of Longbridge account opening

    Longbridge X Planto account opening welcome rewards*

    Users can open an account with Longbridge 100% online with clear UI and instructions. The key account opening steps include:

    1. Download a mobile app & register an account

      New customers can register for an account with Longbridge using their mobile number, Facebook, Twitter or Apple accounts

    2. Authentication and account opening

      After the initial registration, users can immediately enjoy market and community features within the app, however users will need to complete the remaining steps in order to fully enjoy Longbridge app – including ability to invest. Make sure to prepare HKID and bank account information for the remaining process

    3. Information submission and fund deposit

      Fill in required information and submit documents. To complete the account opening process, users will need to choose authentication methods between doing an online transfer, mailing in a cheque or doing the process in-person (Third Party Witness). We highly recommend the online transfer process as users can complete this process simply by submitting HKID, recent proof of address and deposit HK$10,000 (or US$1,500)

    4. Completion

      Fund transfer in step 3 was the last process. It usually takes about 1 working day for Longbridge to complete your application

    Pro tip: you can deposit funds through online banking, ATM, FPS.

    ▲Customer can choose to authenticate their account via an online transfer, cheque or Third Party Witness.

    Low-fee trading of Hong Kong, U.S. stocks and funds

    With Longbridge, users can trade Hong Kong/U.S. stocks, subscribe to IPOs and invest in funds just like any other major investment platforms. Longbridge’s value proposition is completed by allowing its customers to manage all kind of investments within one app at a very low fee while providing social and analysis features. 

    At the time of this writing, Planto’s audience can enjoy a free stock together with lifetime 0 commission trading for Hong Kong stocks (and U.S. stocks if the user deposits HK$78,000  or US$10,000).

    Key fees from Longbridge include:

    Investment productLongbridge fees
    Hong Kong stock trading0.03% commission with HK$3 minimum (users can currently receive a lifetime 0 commission reward by signing up now) 
    Hong Kong stock margin6.5% annual interest
    Hong Kong IPO subscriptionSubscription fee of HK$49. Subscription with margin fee of HK$99 (there is no handling fee for cash subscriptions of Hong Kong stocks as of 31st December)
    U.S. stock tradingUS$0.0049 per share with US$0.99 minimum (users can currently receive a lifetime 0 commission reward by signing up now)
    U.S. stock margin4.8% annual interest
    FundNo subscription fees
    ▲The above list is a summary of key fees, please refer to Longbridge’s website for full details.

    Apart from fees charged by Longbridge. All investors in Hong Kong would also need to pay fees to the Hong Kong and U.S. exchanges as well as related regulators when trading stocks. Fund investors should also keep an eye out for fund management fees charged by the fund managers.

    Based on our comparison, fees charged by Longbridge are lower than many other platforms, especially when compared to investment services from banks.

    Easy-to-use stock analysis function

    While we have tried out many stock trading apps and platforms, we are still impressed by Longbridge’s in-app analysis function.

    Real time quotation, market data, trend, financials and relevant news are commonly found information among many investment apps. However, what we like about Longbridge’s app is how all key information is displayed in a concise manner. On top of that, users can easily get a view of investment style, analyst rating and valuation information in a single view. 

    In summary, Longbridge did a good job in presenting large and complicated data in a very clean manner which makes the stock analysis function easy to use even for retail investors who have limited experience with stock analysis.

    Longbridge app’s “Market” tab also contains useful information like market/sector trends, popular stock and upcoming IPOs. It also has a “calendar” feature to help you keep track of all important dates like market holiday and company’s disclosures.

    The analysis function is clean and easy to use while containing useful information.

    Keeping up with the market through social features

    Social feature is one of Longbridge’s unique selling points. In the “Community” tab, users can interact with other investors to exchange ideas or help each other stay updated in the ever changing market condition.

    One of the features that was outside of our expectation was Longbridge’s “Live” feature where users can watch live broadcasts like company’s press conferences directly from within the app.

    For users who are on the look out for new investment ideas, Longbridge’s community also provide stock list from other investors from within the community. The way it works is very similar to how you would check out other people’s playlists on music streaming or video sharing platforms!

    ▲Longbridge’s social features are interesting and do not just provide standard content. However, the vast majority of contents are in Chinese.

    Prospect for long-term app usage

    While Longbridge’s fees may not be the lowest in the market, the app itself provides good user experience. Furthermore, the stock analysis and social features provide users with wealth of information which we find non-standard and interesting.

    Opinion seeking/sharing is one way to learn about investment. However, all investors should maintain their own assessment and only invest in accordance with their own goals and risk assessment.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Longbridge’s background?

    Longbridge is a Singapore-headquartered securities brokerage firm and was founded in March 2019. The company positioned itself as a social-driven securities brokerage services provider that provides mobile investing experience using cutting-edge technology.

    Does Longbridge have any investment license?

    Longbridge is a licensed by the SFC (CE NO. BPX066) and holds Types 1 (Dealing in Securities), 4 (Advising on Securities) and 9 (Asset Management) licenses.

    How can I contact Longbridge?

    Users can contact Longbridge using customer service hotline (+852 3851 1777), WhatsApp (+852 5223 6373) or email (

    Offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions.

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