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Linking Octopus

Before linking your account to Planto, please make sure you are able to see your transaction history within the Octopus app


  • Download the Octopus app from the App Store or from the Play Store

  • Sign up for the Octopus app (if you haven’t already)

    Sign up or Login to the app

  • Click the “Enquiry” button

    Click the Enquiry button

  • If you already have an Octopus card linked

    • click the card under “Past 3-month Spending Records”

    Click the Enquiry button

  • If you do not have an Octopus card linked yet

    • click the Add / Manage button under “Past 3-month Spending Records”

      • If you have an NFC-enabled device, you can simply tap your Octopus card against the phone

      • If you have an iPhone, you will have to go to an Octopus service point (available in most MTRs). Click here for more details

Once you’ve set up your Octopus, you should be able to see your past 3-month spending records and if you’re able to see them in the Octopus app, Planto will connect just fine.

Simply click the purple plus button, choose ‘Link an account’ and select Octopus within the ‘All’ section.

How to login with Planto

Still having trouble?

Reach out to us via the in-app Live Chat any time if you face issues linking your accounts!

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