Our mission is to give everyone access to simple, actionable financial advice

We are made to believe that finance is complicated. It’s not. We’re a team of millennials breaking this misconception and making it simple for everyone.

Meet the team

Ankit SuriCEO and Co-Founder

Our Advisors

We're backed by institutions and experts in banking, insurance and finance who believe in our mission.

Peter YuenCIO

Our Investors

Planto is based in and supported by the University of Hong Kong's Entrepreneurship Center iDendron and is part of the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund.

We are grateful to also be backed and invested by institutional and angel investors who have extensive experience in supporting personal finance startups around the world. These include Hong Kong-based institutional investors Zeroth.AI and Leadway Ventures, Australia-based Artesian Ventures and Canada-based Portag3 Ventures.

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If our mission resonates with you and if you want to make a difference by building something that helps others

Email us at hello@planto.hk

Making your finances easier

The Planto mobile app is available on both iOS and Android - so take the first step towards achieving your life goals.

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